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1. What is a tariff?

A: Tariffs are a kind of tax that the state authorizes customs to impose on goods and articles entering and leaving the country. Generally speaking, tariffs are among the highest tax types in the country where the state's highest administrative units set tax rates. Especially for countries with developed foreign trade, tariffs often become the main income of state taxation and even state finance. Items purchased overseas are intended to pass the customs duties of our country and involve the payment of “import tariffs”.


2. Does Haitao use the transshipment company to pay taxes?

 A: Whether you need to pay taxes depends on the value of your goods and the choice of the transfer service line.

1 If the postal customs clearance is foreseen, the taxation situation is determined according to the way of local customs inspection. The probability of being drawn is relatively low, but there is no guarantee that it will not be taxed. If the tax value of the goods is more than 50 Yuan, also need to pay taxes;

2 If the forecast is to use cross-border e-commerce for customs clearance, the tax will be taxed in accordance with (consumption tax + value-added tax)*70%.


3. What does it mean to transfer the four parties to pay customs duties?

A: In order to facilitate customers in remote areas of the city and simplify the tax payment procedures, our company provides tax and fee transfer services. The taxes and fees can be paid on the official website of the Quartet and transferred to the customs by the Quartet.


4. How to calculate the discounted goods tax?

A: The tax payment standard has nothing to do with the discount. The customs is accounted for based on the actual commodity declaration value and the value of the goods to be taxed.


5. What if I don't receive the tax bill?

A: The tax collection fee generated by the postal customs clearance mode is generally handed over to you by the post office and customs.

The e-commerce customs clearance mode only has an electronic tax bill. You can log in to the Huangpu Customs Network and click on “Personal Tax Inquiries” to find out.


What is the meaning of the individual annual 20,000 yuan in the e-commerce customs clearance mode?

A: According to the Central Finance Customs [2016] No. 18 issue, starting from April 8th, 2016, if you choose the e-commerce customs clearance mode, the value of a single package should not exceed 2,000 yuan, the same ID card for the whole year. The customs clearance amount shall not exceed 20,000 yuan. Please calculate the limit reasonably. If it exceeds, you can choose other customs clearance mode to transfer.


7. How is the customs calculated by the tax on electricity and customs clearance?

A: The e-commerce customs clearance mode is cleared in Huangpu, Guangzhou. This channel is electronically cleared and no paper tax bill is provided. This route is generally based on the value of the tax rate. The common tax rate is 11.9% and 26.37%.

This route can use the consignee's ID number and name on the Guangzhou Huangpu official website, click on the personal tax inquiry - enter the consignee ID number and name, you can check the tax bill.